Patient assistance programs

Start treatment with TrettenSTART™

With TrettenSTART™, people prescribed Tretten® for congenital factor XIII A-subunit deficiency can begin their treatment with 2 FREE doses (2 months) of Tretten®.

To be eligible, individuals must have undergone testing indicating that they have factor XIII A-subunit deficiency. Completion of both the Physician Form and Patient Form is also required for enrollment in the program. Enrollees will then be mailed their free trial prescription along with a Starter Kit with information about Tretten®.

Download physician form Download patient form

For more information about TrettenSTART™,
please call 1-844-Tretten (1-844-873-8836).

Vanessa has congenital factor XIII deficiency; Ohio, USA

Get help when it’s needed with TrettenASSIST™

A rare bleeding disorder diagnosis such as congenital factor XIII A-subunit deficiency can bring up a host of insurance issues. But TrettenASSIST™ may be able to help. Individuals with congenital factor XIII A-subunit deficiency may be eligible to receive up to 3 free doses of Tretten® if they:

  • Are currently uninsured
  • Have no options for alternate coverage
  • Have a gap in coverage

Please call toll-free 1-844-Tretten (1-844-873-8836)
for more information about TrettenASSIST™.

Learn more about assistance from Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is committed to helping people manage the costs associated with congenital factor XIII A-subunit deficiency.

>Call 1-844-873-8836 or click here to learn about assistance with co-pays, medical expenses, and other issues.

HCP resources for ordering Tretten®

Click here if you are a healthcare provider (HCP) interested in ordering Tretten®. This information is intended for use only by HCPs in the United States.